How many times have I said that I’m going to get my life together this year? This month? Heck, this week. How many times have you said it? It’s something we’ve all said and will say over and over again, especially if you’re in that dreaded mid-twenty age range. Such a commonplace phrase, usually meant sarcastically, and yet it packs so much truth that it almost hurts. It’s like this- “Oh yeah, I’m going to get my life together this year, haha, sob sob sob, ha, sob…” and then just going completely deadpan because you have no idea how to get your life to what people call “gether.”

But I have a question for all the un-together people out there- what does having it all together even look like? The obvious answer is that it looks different to everyone depending on what they want out of life, blah blah blah. And that’s true! But isn’t the real problem as simple as not knowing what your own together is? Maybe. Shouldn’t you know the answer to that first so that you can come up with a clear plan of what you want in life and how you’re going to attain that? Probably. So then, that means that if you know exactly what you want and have a clear plan of action that you’ll own the secret formula to your togetherness? Hell no.

Example 1.1-

Objective- Own a home, be successful in my job, healthy marriage/relationship, healthy savings account balance, be debt free.

Plan of Action-

  • Use money earned from job to pay off debts, put unspent income to savings account.
  • Use money saved plus money earned to purchase home.
  • Stay faithful to current job and employer, invest self into work.
  • Maintain good communication in relationship, go to counseling when needed.

Ok, so this is a really rough outline. If this were an actual life plan, there would be a bulleted objective with a much more detailed plan of action with sub-bullets for days. Don’t judge, please. Generally speaking though, this looks decent. It’s clear and concise, even if it is a bit scant. Either way, life does not care about your plans. There is no magic equation to success. Perhaps your significant other is unfaithful, you get fired from your job and have to use that healthy savings account to live on, and then go into even more debt. Does that mean that you’ve failed? Absolutely not! The plan failed, not you. I mean, the failure feels pretty personal but you’re still not a failure. From this plan could be backup plans from A-ZZZ and every single one could fail horribly.

Are plans stupid? Kinda, but it’s still good to have at least some semblance of a plan so that you can guide your life in a particular direction. Just don’t be too discouraged when the plan fails, and be adaptable enough to pick yourself up and adjust your sights a little bit. Having a good attitude and being flexible is seriously half the battle. The fact is that getting your life together is a continual process, and you may never get there. I don’t know if anyone ever really does have it all together and have everything figured out, so it’s pointless to ever compare yourself to anyone else. Plan, try, fail, and plan again. Lather, rinse, repeat.