via Daily Prompt: Cake

Man, oh, man. Is there anything in the world more delicious than cake? For every celebration, event, or even for comfort, there is cake. I, being from Texas, am all too familiar with the act of bringing someone a homemade cake. Getting married? Cake. Funeral? Oh, bless your heart, I’ve made you my famous Heaven’s Light Chocolate Cake. Birthdays, breakups, baby showers, bridal showers, pride day, Tuesday. Cake!!!

Since my very first birthday and up until I was about 21, I got my cakes from the exact same bakery every single year. It was Bakey by George and it was absolutely, sinfully delicious. At the time, he was one of the last three remaining from-scratch bakeries in the DFW area and he was killing it. He still made every single cake and frosting by hand, from scratch every day. He even made my first wedding cake. Every cake from him was the most delicious I had ever had. The frosting was never sickly sweet, even if it was piled two inches thick. The cake was always perfectly fluffy, flaky, and moist all at once. It was just perfection. And none of the words were ever misspelled! There is just nothing that I dislike more than picking up a cake and finding that something is either misspelled, or grammatically incorrect.

When my former brother-in-law graduated with his Masters degree in Mathematics, we of course threw him a graduation party and had to have a cake. He expressed that he wanted a cookie cake, and so we obliged. We asked the lovely employees at Great American Cookie, Co. to write “Congratulations, Josh” on top of the cake, which, I guess they did. When we brought it in to the party and were getting ready to cut and serve it, we realized that it was most definitely spelled wrong. We opened the box and looked down to see “Congradulations Josh” staring back at us. Luckily, he didn’t notice at all. If it would have been Pi spelled out to twenty integers, he would have noticed any discrapancy immediately. The good news is that cake tastes the same, no matter how it looks on the outside, and once you eat it, it just won’t matter what it looked like anyway.

My Mother has recently taken up a hobby of making cakes and other confectionary deliciousness. I wouldn’t say hobby so much as I would say side-job. Everything she makes it absolutely fantastic! The cakes or cupcakes are always perfectly moist and don’t dry out for days. The frosting is the most perfect consistency and tastes like sweet, sugary heaven. The cookies are so wonderfully soft and chewy. The pies are just the right amount of gooey with the flakiest, butteriest crust. She even took a cake decorating class at a local craft store to improve her skills, and now not only does everything taste supremely delicious but it looks like it was decorated by a professional. I always get so proud when someone tastes something that she baked and then presses her to tell them what bakery she got it from. I smile to myself knowing that people think that she’s a gourmet, professional baker. People will always want to order something from her and sometimes she gets quite busy with orders. It started to wear on her physically and her back was just killing her, so she had to ease back on it. Now, she just only bakes when she wants to and when she feels up to it. I would hate for her side business to take over her life so much that she can’t do anything but lay on the couch in pain. That’s just no way to live.

I think that everyone really has some kind of cake related story since it’s such an important piece of any celebration, mile-stone or get-together. Cake really is one of the greatest treats on earth.